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Televes 550104, “F” Power Supply Unit (UL certified)

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Product Description & Specs

“F” Power Supply Unit (UL certified), 550104

12 V - 220 mA, 2 TV outputs

Domestic 12 V-power supply (220 mA) that powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal. Included in the installation to power either mast amplifiers or a BOSS system. Furthermore, it is equipped with two coax outputs.
The power supply is UL certified for indoor use (US plug).
  • High-performance switched-mode power supply: saves up to 40% power consumption
  • Low-impact visual design and limited size
  • “F” connectors
  • power inserter, sends DC power over the coax to a preamp
  • Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • Can be attached to a wall using screws (for indoor use only)
  • Through losses may vary depending on whether 1 or 2 outputs are used

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Televes 550104, “F” Power Supply Unit (UL certified)

$49.95 USD