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Televes 404010, Broadcast Antenna Signal Combiner with 3 inputs

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Product Description & Specs

Broadcast antenna signal combiner, 404010

3 inputs: Low-VHF-FM/High-VHF/UHF

3-input combiner for several broadcast bands. One input each for:
 - low VHF (ch. 2-6) and FM
 - high VHF (ch. 7-13)
 - UHF (ch. 14-83)

Includes mast-mount case for outdoor installation.
Allows DC current to pass from output to UHF input to power a mast amplifier or a BOSS system.
  • EasyF system: easy, quick and safe connectorization
  • High-screening Zamak chassis
Main features
  • DC pass
  • Weather resistant ABS-plastic case for outdoor installation

EasyF connection system: simplicity and savings

EasyF is an innovative connection concept where the inner conductor of the coaxial cable is directly inserted in the device, thus improving connection reliability. Thanks to the absence of F connectors, the chassis size can be reduced and the connection of two cables secured with a single screw.

  • Real time savings: speeding the installation is possible without the need for coaxial cable termination. Furthermore, there is no need for screwing the connectors on the device, which is sometimes difficult when there is little room
  • Connection reliability: the cables are securely clamped
  • Cost savings: no additional connectors are required (neither F nor IEC)
  • Space optimization: inputs and outputs are always on the same side of the device to prevent coaxial cables from bending, and to make working inside cabinets and register boxes easier
  • Very easy three-step mounting: only screwing and unscrewing the covers is required to connect both cables:

1. Unscrew the device's cover to access the connection

2. Insert the previously stripped coaxial cables

3. Close the cover and screw to ensure connection

Learn more about EasyF system reliability

With EasyF, the connection between the coaxial cable and the device is carried out using an automated system for contact insertion of the inner conductor.

  • Electromagnetic behavior optimization: for high frequencies
  • Our commitment with environment is reinforced: pollution caused by the welding process is eliminated and production power consumption is reduced

For a 2 input antenna combiner, see Antennas Direct EU385CF-1S 


keywords: joiner, OTA, diplexer, triplexer U V UVSJ SB coupler

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Televes 404010, Broadcast Antenna Signal Combiner with 3 inputs

$24.95 USD