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Sky Blue Antenna SB40, UHF TV Antenna Channels 14-60, Fringe, 65" Boom

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SkyBlue Antenna SKYSB40 UHF ANTENNA CH 14-60, FRINGE, 65"

UHF Fringe Yagi Antenna, Channels 14-60, 34 Elements, 65 inch boom length

This Sky Blue antenna gives you coverage for the TV band, UHF, Channels 14-60. Cut specifically for the UHF band this is the perfect antenna to pair with a separate VHF antenna, when a two antenna installation is needed. With a range of up to 70 miles, the best materials & construction in the industry, this antenna will not only have outstanding reception performance but withstands the harshest weather conditions. HDTV ready for all of your Over The Air (OTA) antenna needs!

In addition to receiving HDTV signals, this antenna is also capable of receiving 4k ultra high definition stations (aka NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 / UHD).
Viewing 4k UHD also requires a TV capable of receiving 4k UHD signals and TV station(s) broadcasting in 4k UHD.

Please note: Regional delivery available with no freight charge, extended range delivery available with additional freight charge.

For Screen Style UHF antennas, please see the following Sky Blue models:

SB42, 2 Bay UHF Bow Tie Antenna, Metro/Suburban

SB44, 4 Bay UHF Bow Tie Antenna, Suburban/Near Fringe

SB48, 8 Bay UHF Bow Tie Antenna, Near Fringe/Fringe

Compare to Channel Master™ 4248, Winegard™ WS-1586, PR-9022, PR-9032, Antennas Direct™ 91XG

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Sky Blue Antenna SB40, UHF TV Antenna Channels 14-60, Fringe, 65" Boom

$129.95 USD