Holland GRB-AR

Holland GRB-AR, coax transient spike suppresor, 2150 MHz

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Holland GRB-AR -- Coax transient spike suppressor and grounding block 

gas tube arrestor, 5 nS response time, 90 V firing voltage, 1 dB insertion loss 

5-2150 MHz, has 2 female F connectors and ground wire screw

some people want to call this a lightning arrestor, but that implies that it'll stop a direct hit from any lightning bolt - a very high standard, so it's called a transient spike suppressor


grounding blocks - without the transient spike suppressor:
for single ground block, see UNVGB1
for dual ground block, see HOLGRB-2DHR
for quad ground block, see EAGDTVQGB40+


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