Hakko T18-D16

Hakko T18-D16 (subs 900M-T-16D) Tip for 936-12 FX888-23BY FX888D-23BY 936-12

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Hakko T18-D16 -- TIP,1.6D,FX-600,FX-8801,907/900M/913

This is a New Hakko T18-D16, 1.6mm chisel/screwdriver tip. (New part number, old number is 900M-T-D16).

Tip for your Hakko models FX888-23BY, FX888D-23BY, FX888D-29BY & 936-12. This tip will fit your FX8801, 900M, 907 & 913 irons. (Note: this is the standard chisel tip that is supplied with every FX888D station).