Sky Blue Antenna 5G / LTE Cell Phone filter for TV antennas, SB5G

Sky Blue Antenna 5G / LTE Cell Phone filter for TV antennas, SB5G

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Sky Blue 5G / LTE filter eliminates cell tower interference from your TV signal. Specifically tuned to trap all 5G and LTE frequencies, starting at 610 MHz (ch. 37). Blocks interference from 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE frequencies. Improves TV reception. SKYSB5G.

Band pass 5-608 MHz. Traps from 610-1000MHz (ch. 37 and up).

LTE cell phone interference can cause pixelization, weak signals, channel loss or interference that's different than pixelization.

Many installers keep a few LTE filters in the old toolbox because they're quick to try if having unexpected reception issues. Cell tower upgrades can suddenly cause TV problems in systems that have worked fine for years. Cell phone towers are EVERYWHERE. 

Weatherproof. Has a female and a male F connector, so an extra cable isn't needed in many cases.

Install the filter on the first device that's downstream from the antenna (but after the balun). This would be the input to a preamp, amplifier or splitter. Or the TV on a single TV system. The filter should be installed so the antenna feeds into the female connector on the filter.

If still having issues, it might be useful to try other locations for the filter. For example, in weak signal areas it might work better to put the filter on the OUTPUT of the amplifier. Make sure to keep the proper orientation of the filter, installed so the signal feeds into the female connector on the filter. 

DC passing.

replaces SBLTE 4G LTE filter (700MHz cutoff at RF ch 50)

Comparable to CM-3201. 


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