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Televes 536080 Preamp Amplifier, LTE Filter, 2 Inputs, 22dB

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Product Description & Specs

Kit: medium-gain mast amplifier and “F” Power Supply Unit

Ref. 536020 + Ref. 550104 = 536080

The kit consists of:

Ref. 536020: Medium-gain mast amplifier, 2 inputs: HighVHF/UHF + UHF

Masthead amplifier for the amplification of terrestrial television signals coming from several antennas.
Equipped with 2 inputs, with amplification on all bands. The amplifier is powered through the output coaxial cable at 12 Vdc.

Ref. 550104: “F” Power Supply Unit,  12V - 220mA, 2 outputs
12 V-power supply (220 mA) that powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal. Included in the installation to power either mast amplifiers or a BOSS system. Equipped with two outputs for connecting to 2 TV's.
The power supply is UL certified (US plug).

  • Independent amplification for each individual band
  • EasyF connection system, no F connectors needed
  • Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls
  • High-screening Zamak chassis
Main features
  • ON/OFF switches to allow DC pass towards the UHF inputs for the powering of a BOSS system
  • Easy mounting. Equipped with a plastic tie for mast mounting
  • Resistant ABS-plastic orange case for outdoor installation

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Televes 536080 Preamp Amplifier, LTE Filter, 2 Inputs, 22dB

$109.90 USD