Midwest Devices CAP1B

Midwest Devices CAPACITOR WIZARD, in-circuit capacitor tester, model CAP 1B

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Midwest Devices CAPACITOR WIZARD, in-circuit tester, model CAP1B -- CAP 1B 

The Capacitor Wizard® finds bad capacitors IN CIRCUIT by measuring a capacitor's ESR (equivalent series resistance). A good capacitor should have very low ESR. Weak and bad capacitors have much higher ESR. The Capacitor Wizard® will SPEED UP YOUR REPAIR.

A standard capacitor meter only measures the capacitance. A dried up or bad electrolytic capacitor can measure GOOD with a standard capacitance meter, but the part can fail in the circuit due to high ESR. The Capacitor Wizard will find those bad caps in-circuit FAST.

Gold plated, needle sharp probes. Beeper for go/no-go testing. Made in the USA. 1 year warranty.

Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

Also available, Capacitor Saver. add-on protection for your Capacitor Wizard to guard against damage from charged capacitors and transient voltages. CAPSVR

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