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Winegard WE-7550A, Elite 7550 Amplified Outdoor/Attic/Indoor TV Antenna

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Product Description & Specs

Winegard WINWE-7550A -- WE7550A ELITE Antenna Indoor/Outdoor

The most compact, most powerfulVH, best looking antenna design on the market with an integrated LTE filter to ensure the best reception even in the most populated urban environments.


  • 70+ Mile Range — The Elite 7550 antenna receives VHF and UHF signals in crystal-clear HD, allowing you to watch channels from 70+ miles away!
  • Simple Setup — Just connect the antenna and run a channel scan. In minutes, you'll be enjoying all your favorite shows, sports, and news — live and in HD.
  • State-of-the-Art Amplification — Revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology provides ultra low noise figure of 1.0 dB (typical).
  • Aesthetically Pleasing — Compact, sleek design with flex mount system.
  • Maximum Programming — Complement the offerings of your streaming service with free, local HD channels! Winegard digital HD Antennas and a streaming service or device make the perfect pair to watch all your favorite shows without the high cable bill. Pay only for the content you want with a service like HuluPlus or Netflix and get the top-rated shows for free with a Winegard digital HDTV antenna.

    • Antenna Directivity: Directional
    • Reception Types: hi-VHF/UHF
    • VHF (Very High Frequency): Receives channels 7-13 in the frequency range 174-216 MHz.
    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency): Receives channels 14-36 in the frequency range 470-608 MHz.
    • Power Supply: Inline 5 V power inverter with LED power indicator for energy saving.
    • Compatible with any TV, DVR, or computer with a digital tuner.
    • To receive programming, run a channel scan on your TV after setting up the antenna. To keep your channel lineup up to date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime a channel is lost (due to frequency reassignment).
    • The durable and strong Elite 7550 has been tested in wind tunnels (to over 100 MPH), as well as undergone extensive exposure to salt and fog.
    • This is the replacement for the Winegard FV-30BB

    • Height: 30"
    • Width: 17.5"
    • Depth: 5"
    • Weight: 1 lb
  • In addition to receiving HDTV signals, this antenna is also capable of receiving 4k ultra high definition stations (aka UHD / NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0).
    Viewing 4k UHD also requires a TV capable of receiving 4k UHD signals and TV station(s) broadcasting in 4k UHD.

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    Winegard WE-7550A, Elite 7550 Amplified Outdoor/Attic/Indoor TV Antenna

    $219.90 USD
    $189.95 USD